Community Response System – System Features

Community Response System (CRS) Features

The Community Response System (CRS) is a complete 911 System that is significantly superior to those systems found in the West.

The CRS can be utilized for any entity that has its own community responders that are there to provide a high level of care to the people that live or work or attend there. These entities can use our CRS system to supplement or improve the existing 911 system.

Examples of entities where the CRS can be deployed include:

  • First Nations & Remote Communities.
  • University Campuses, Schools and Colleges.
  • Large Attractions such as Zoos, Theme Parks.
  • Work Camps or large Operating Facilities
  • Large Work sites.
  • Remote Towns and Communities.

The CRS has 4 components:

  • The User App which is loaded on your Residents smartphones.
  • The Home User Dashboard for those in your community that do not have a Home phone or a Smartphone.
  • The Responder App which is loaded on your Responder’s smartphones.
  • The 911 Response Center (911RC) which is a PC and an Internet Based and can be accessed anywhere and anytime!

Working together these 4 components provide the ultimate protection for your Community.

The User App features

The User App is given to all Residents to assist them when needed. They download the free App then complete their personal profile. This App is connected to their Response Center and all communications are received only there. Residents are not tracked nor can they be searched by the 911 Response Center.

Advertising. Advertising can be incorporated into the App to raise funds for the system. 2 types of Advertising on the App are available in the form of advertising links below the map and Map advertising features.

Amber Alerts. If the 911RC issues an Amber Alert and the User is within the specified radius, they will receive the Alert.

Anonymity. The 911RC cannot actively track Users, it can only respond when the User in the User’s Dashboard needs help. Users only become viewable to the Response Center when they request HELP or Report an Incident.

App Menu. Located on the left side of the App is a menu of App features as more features are created they can be added here.

Buildings. Key Buildings or Landmarks can be added to the App Map by the 911RC technicians. Critical data and pictures can be added to the Building.

Find Help. Use the “Find Help” button to find specific Response centres that have been preloaded on the map or to find Dynamic Responders moving about the Map.

Free Download. The User App is free to all members of your community.

Instructions. On how to use the App, it is found in the upper right hand corner menu.

Instant Connection to the 911RC. Users can communicate and provide critical data to the 911RC at the push of the “HELP or Report an Incident” button.

Log Out. The User is free to log out of the app at any time!

Map. The App Map is the center of it all featuring all relevant data and is 100% searchable like Google Maps. On the Map you can view:

  • Buildings/Response Facilities/Responders/Features and Advertisers.

Report an Incident. Use this button to report important data to the 911RC. Pics, videos and other documents can be submitted and this report can be customized for your company. This can be used for crimes in progress, accidents, maintenance issues etc.

Targeted Messages. Users can receive specific messages to them delineated by age, sex and location.

User Profile. The User creates their own Profile by adding the data that is needed to assist them in surviving and Emergency. This profile is customizable.

Warnings. If the 911RC issues a Warning and the User is in the prescribed radius, they will receive and be able to respond to the Warning by adding some data that could save lives.

The Home User Dashboard features

The Home User Dashboard allows those with no home phone or smart phone to participate and obtain Emergency Response if they have a PC and the internet.

PC/Tablet Based. The Internet is needed and the system is accessed via web.

Register your Home. The Home User can register their Home and related data just like the User App. The Home can be viewed by the Responder App and the 911RC. When Help is needed at Home the User simply clicks the Help button.

Same Capabilities as the App. The Home User can do everything what the app can!

The Responder App features

Ability to reassign the App. The 911RC controls the deployment of the Responder App and if you change your Responder then member can be added to the App by updating the data in the 911RC.

Bases. Each Responder App is assigned to a Base, Fire, Police, Medical, and Maintenance etc. Bases can be used to group Responders effectively. They are seen on the Responder App and have associated data. Critical data and pictures can be added to the Bases.

Buildings. Key Buildings or Landmarks can be added to the App Map by the 911RC technicians. Critical data and pictures can be added to the Building.

Create a Report. Use this button to report important data to the 911RC. Pics, videos and other documents can be submitted and this report can be customized for your company.

Edit Contact Info. To change you picture click on it or add a picture. Then simply review or edit the rest of your data to ensure accuracy.

End My Shift. To log out of the App click this button and confirm.

Features. Many other entities of note can be added to the Map for your Responder to see and use. Critical data and pictures can be added to the Feature.

Follow Me. The default setting is for the map to follow you keeping you in the center of the map. Turn it off to change your map scale and position when needed.

Instance Code. Each System has its own Instance Code which connects the App to the 911RC. Contract workers can use the same App to connect to different Systems simply by logging out and change the instance code.

Instructions. On how to use the App, it is found in the upper right hand corner menu.

Map. The App Map is the center of it all featuring all relevant data and is 100% searchable like Google Maps.

Map Notes. The App user can add public or private map notes to the Map. Public notes are seen by the 911RC and the Team. Private notes are only seen by the User.

My Saved Messages. This feature saves all of the messages sent to you that you wish to save.

Real Time Tracking. The Responder is always visible on the Map of the User/Home User and the 911RC as long as they are logged into the system. The tracking uses the phone’s GPS chip and is constantly updated.

Response Procedures. The Community can load its policies onto the App for viewing, this can include forms, procedures etc.

Request Assistance Button. When you need help simply push this button and the 911RC is notified.

The 911RC features

3rd party Response Centre. Shepherd Systems is building a professional 3rd party Response Centre for your use and support. This Centre will respond to those that get our online support packages. There will be 4 levels of support offered:

  1. No Support provided for your Team.
  2. Online Technical Support for your Team
  3. Response only support for your Team
  4. Technical and Response Support for your Team.

Amazing Response Capabilities. The 911RC receives all Request Help, All Created Reports and can respond as needed with all the needed data set at your fingertips.

CCTV Integration. The System can tie in all of your CCTV feeds if and when needed.

Daily Logged in Report. Know when your Responder starts and stops to work through this Report.

Data. All data can be continuously updated.

Demo System available. You can quickly and easily demo our system.

Duress Code. Our WAS integrates a duress code to assist 911RC Techs in knowing who is in duress.

Event Tracker. To ensure that no one gets missed with the events, all Events are tracked.

Icon Customization. All Icons can be changed or customized as you require.

Live Streaming. The 911RC can live stream the Responder App and multiple operators in the 911RC can see the same stream. This is an amazing problem solving tool.

Map. The 911RC is centered on a large Map. The Map illustrates all added assets and all Responder App users and allows the 911RC technicians to respond intelligently when needed.

Map Features. 911RC Techs can add an unlimited # of Bases/Buildings and Features to the Map to aid and support the Field Team. Each feature can have critical data attached to it which is viewable by all.

Mass Messaging. Messages can easily be sent to your whole Team or select segments of your team. Messages can contain all attachments.

911RC Activity. Your 911RC Technician’s activities are tracked by the System.

Multiple Emergency Contact #s. Each Responder set up can have a unique emergency # or certain groups can get one number while another group gets another number.

New Features. We created the system so we can add new features as needed.

Portal. Our Team can post your 911RC to your website inside of a Portal that we create so your Clients can see where your Team is IF you want that.

Shortcuts. Key shortcuts buttons are on the top of the map allowing the 911RC techs to be more effective.

Responder/Access Management. The 911RC Techs create the Users for the Responder App thereby controlling, restricting and eliminating access when needed.

Responder Spreadsheet. A spreadsheet of the Responder with the WAS activation can be viewed by 911RC Techs.

Training. Training will be provided. The 911RC System is easy to use and online support is also available.

Unlimited # of 911RC Technicians. The 911RC can be accessed from any location in the world with the Internet. Managers can monitor their teams LIVE!

Warnings. If there is a problem coming or a problem that has occurred, ALL Responder or selected Responder can be immediately warned complete with pictures or videos whatever data will help. Warnings can be updated by the App holders to provide even more data to the Warning like a Facebook post controlled by the 911RC technician.

Work Alone Response. When the Responder does not respond to the WAS, the 911 RC is notified and the 911RC Technicians can respond powerfully using the 911RC.

Our System is constantly expanding with new features!